Djarum Black Capuccino

1 Carton, 160 Cigarettes

Djarum Black Cappuccino


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250 grams

Djarum Black Cappuccino

1 Carton, 10 Packs, 160 Cigarettes

Slowly savored for lasting pleasure. Djarum Black Cappuccino is made of selected cloves and tobacco, enhanced with Cappuccino flavor for a rich taste.

Djarum Black Cappuccino was the very first cappuccino-flavored kretek cigarette to be invented. This filtered, machine-rolled cigarette was launched in 2004 to a warm reception. The rich, warm cappuccino element complements the tobacco and clove components perfectly, yielding an unusual and memorable product to be slowly savored.

Djarum Black Cappuccino continues the Djarum Black tradition of a smart, unique and innovative brand: a cigarette for the creative, sophisticated crowd. 





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Djarum Black  Cappuccino


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Manufacturer: Djarum

They're DELICIOUS!! The taste of clove goes perfectly with the smooth and creamy cappuccino flavor. I could easily pick one of these cigarettes up anytime.
Posted by: thirsty_duck

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