Djarum Black Menthol

1 Carton, 160 Cigarettes

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250 grams

Djarum Black Menthol

1 Carton, 10 Packs, 160 Cigarettes

Djarum Black Menthol incorporates a richer, more powerful menthol for a more refreshing smoking experience.

A new innovation on the Djarum Black experience, Djarum Black Menthol is infused with a special, more powerful menthol for a menthol smoking experience that truly fits your lifestyle.





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Djarum Black Menthol 


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Manufacturer: Djarum

Not bad at all.. I like them more than Newports. These cigs give a good buzz and the menthol taste is very pleasant.
Posted by: Goozoo

Definitely the best flavored smokes I've ever smoked. Smooth and long lasting with very pleasant after taste.
Posted by: BoobLicker

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