Djarum Coklat

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Djarum Coklat (Unfiltered)

1 Carton, 10 Packs, 120 Cigarettes

The taste of excellence. Djarum Coklat is made using only mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-matured cloves. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations over 120 years.

This hand-rolled, unfiltered kretek cigarette blends together top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-ripened cloves, enhanced by a time tested Kudus recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of Djarum Coklat. It was the first kretek cigarette in the world to incorporate a flavor seal, locking in the taste until the moment of enjoyment. 

First launched in 1972, to this day Djarum Coklat remains the best selling hand-rolled cigarette in West Java. An enduring bestseller that provides long lasting satisfaction. 



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Manufacturer: Djarum

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